No Hassle 24 hour Listing Guarantee

In my experience working with Real Estate some of the most important questions (or rather hesitations) about listing have been:

-“What happens if my Realtor isn’t marketing my home properly?”

-“What if my realtor isn’t doing the job they promised they would?”

-“What if I feel that my Realtors priorities have shifted away from the most important thing to me which is selling my home?”

-“What if I change my mind and don’t want to sell anymore?”

I’ve found the perfect solution (which I fully believe will never need to be used) just in case things don’t turn out as intended, which is our NO HASSLE 24 HOUR LISTING GUARANTEE.

What this means to you is that at any time during our listing period if you don’t feel that we’ve done everything we’ve promised to do, just let me know and in 24 hours your listing will be cancelled at no cost to you. This way you can trust that in most cases your family’s greatest investment is taken care of the right way! I treat every single home as if it were my own so have full confidence in offering my NO HASSLE 24 HOUR LISTING GUARANTEE.

Listing with Joel Anick and my aggressive marketing plan to advertise your home the 100% risk free way to ensure you get the job done right!

I Joel Anick, 100% Guarantee that anytime during our listing period if you feel that I have not held up my end of the bargain and followed through with exactly what I promised to do simply give me written notice and within 24 business hours I will ensure your listing is cancelled at no cost, or hassle to you!

I believe the QUALITY of SERVICE and RESULTS are what you and everyone of my clients deserves, and will do everything in my power make this possible!

*Subject to your property not being sold prior to the date of the expiry of the listing, privately or with a Buyer found during our listing period; if it is sold you agree to pay the full sales commission as stated in our original listing agreement, and after any offer is accepted this guarantee is not valid.