Modern Homes in Portugal

It is impossible not to succumb to the charm of a modern home! It has everything to conquer: comfort, simplicity, shallow roofs, neutral colors, straight lines … Anyway, a series of details that have been improving over time and that find no end. Architects seek to perfect, making modern homes of another dimension.


In Portugal, modern homes have been growing. That modern house in the village, which was like a monument a few years ago, is seen today more normally, but always appreciated by people. They are touring and leave anyone gaping. But do not just look and be now that person who has his modern house, the one he always dreamed of.

Have you ever thought about building a home? Have you ever thought about letting a house to own? Ever thought it might be cheaper to build a home than one already made? Go, do not delay, take the step forward. It’s your investment, for life.

To conquer it, homify has gathered a whole guide and inspirations of modern Portuguese houses, do not miss it!


What defines a modern home?

The modern houses are distinguished mainly of other types of houses by their incomparable functionality. This character is born of the technique of construction implemented, the architectural style, the materials used and the specific devices added to it. In this sense, modern dwellings have very different specificities.

Modern houses value the space, are wide and wide. The architectural style of this type of house harmoniously combines with a good number of geometric shapes ranging from squares to lozenges. Each element, however special it may be, integrates appropriately with others to give birth to a regular set.

Another characteristic of modern houses is the opening to the exterior. Most of them have flat roofs, which are sometimes transformed into terraces. It gives them a simple and discreet but elegant appearance. In addition, the dwellings are characterized by large glazed surfaces. They give a sense of grandeur, while light and heat that easily penetrate the rooms of the house result in significant energy savings.


Advantages of a Modern Home

Having a modern house in Portugal has its advantages, so we have gathered the main ones to conquer it (a bit more):

– Modernity: modern / contemporary construction can only be in the trend, because you can buy and apply the most modern and attractive materials on the market before you move in.

– Greater comfort thanks to better insulation as well as respect for the environment.

– The market is very competitive and the choice is very wide, but the truth is that a modern home is always under the eye of a potential buyer.

– Wide offer in all areas: construction, interior design, landscape architecture. The sector is very broad, which is true advantage.

– Larger supply is also synonymous with more proposals from architects, contractors and builders. These thus offer often surprising and worthy designs to be built.



Disadvantages of Modern Homes

The disadvantages are not many, however, they exist just like any other situation. We highlight the following three:

– Price and expenses: it’s not worth the trouble. Of course, building a modern home is one of the most expensive projects in life.

– The long-term maintenance of a house is inevitably expensive (paintings, plumbing, assorted arrangements …).

– Electricity, water and gas are also more expensive, since it takes more to light, more to warm, more water to water a garden, for example. However, there are alternatives to natural grass that allow savings in this field ( wooden deck , stones, synthetic grass …).


Caring for Modern Homes

We must always be cautious, there are always pitfalls that must be avoided in construction.

The construction of a modern and contemporary home involves the intervention of many professionals. And that’s where you have to be very careful. Choosing who to hire to build your home can make all the difference. Beware of too cheap and flashy prices, try to understand the reasons. Stay on the ground, not that you should be looking at the house to be built all day, but make regular visits to see and know how the construction is taking place and developing.

A builder or architect will already have a team of professionals accustomed to working with them, so focus on a good professional because the rest comes by increment. Look for experienced professionals with a good portfolio. Nowadays, in so easy to access the most diverse information, even through the homify platform.



How much does it cost to build a modern house in Portugal?

The question of prices is always relative, especially when we talk about construction. Because? For the simple fact that everything depends on the size, materials, area involved, the area of ​​Portugal, the time it takes to be built, whether or not it has a pool, among other issues. Remember that the more detail and sophisticated coatings, the higher the costs. For example, the quality of the materials used, and especially the coating, can increase the value of a work by up to 100%! On the other hand, it is estimated that the value of labor increases by 35% of the value of the construction.

A modern house in Portugal It can cost, on average, € 70,000, a small and low – cost house and up to € 500,000 for a house of 200 m² with good quality materials. But as you know are estimates, nothing better than asking a professional directly.

You should also have administrative expenses:

– IMT (Municipal Tax on onerous transactions of real estate): The table varies according to whether it is an Urban or Rustic property; location (on the mainland or in the autonomous regions); of the purpose (own and permanent housing or secondary housing / investment).

– IS (stamp duty): The State is able to raise a very interesting value. When buying a home with equity, you will have to bear a 0.8% rate on the value of the property, ie IS = Property Value * 0.80%.

– Registries: The cost of Home Writing Ready = 375 €. In a registry office can be much higher, depends on the price lists of each establishment.

– IMI (Municipal Property Tax): this value is calculated based on a government-issued scale, with the rate varying from 0.3% to 0.8% of the taxable equity value (usually much lower than the purchase value).

Are there more costs?

– other fees and taxes;

– insurance premiums;

– condominium;

– other expenses that may arise, such as the maintenance of the property.


Pre-Fabricated Homes in Portugal

The prefabricated houses in Portugal are, more and more, sought by people who want to build a house. There are different shapes and materials: wood, containers, steel, concrete, etc. These homes have many advantages, and the main relate to the construction of fast (a few months) at very attractive price, the precise control of spending and are generally environmentally friendly.

There are pre-defined models, but nothing prevents the prefabricated house from being customized.

How much does a prefabricated house cost in Portugal?

The price is very relative once again. It all depends on the materials, the design customization, the size, among other issues. But there are prefabricated houses at very affordable prices. For example, a prefabricated house costs 30% less to build (read here and here ).


Additional Information

The professionals you should look for first are an architect and / or a builder . If you need Portuguese and reliable contacts do not quit homify. On the Professionals tab (above) you have all the contacts you need. You can analyze the various projects thanks to the shared photographs and decide the professional that you like and have to do with your taste. Ask for information and quotes directly.

● For more inspiration you should look for projects in homify, directly on the website or through these following ideas books: Modern and different house ; Modern and contemporary house ; Modern and contemporary family home and a very modern home

● Do not rush, do a market analysis. Land, existing materials, professional …

● If you need a housing loan to raise your dream you should meet with a financial adviser to analyze the possibilities most favorable to your profile.

When you have your project done, do not forget to share it with us! We wait …